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The Wonderful Baron Doppelgänger Device (The Bizarre Baron Inventions #3) by Eric Bower

cover124098-mediumW.B. is up against the cleverest, deadliest, most dangerous villain he’s ever faced—himself.

Before we get to that, there’s some good news: the new boy at school is the best friend W.B. has ever had! Of course, he is only the third friend W.B.’s ever had though, so… Anyway, his name is B.W. and he goes to the annual Pitchfork Fair with the Barons. W.B. loses his second ever friend, Rose Blackwood (who also works as his parents’ assistant), after an exploding pie lands Rose in jail.

Then W.B. is abducted during a walk in the desert. How was he ambushed where there’s nowhere to sneak up on someone? Because whenever W.B. decides to exercise, it’s bound to end in disaster or pink and purple squirrels. Maybe both. With a bit of backside surfing, he returns to the Baron Estate to find he’s been replaced—by another W.B.! It’s no surprise that one of his parents’ brilliant inventions is to blame for his troubles (although we shouldn’t discount the lingering effects of exercising). The delinquent doodad is the Doppelgänger Device, which transforms the user into anyone with the simple press of a button.

Eager to get his comfortable life back, W.B. tries to expose the imposter. With his skin literally on the line, W.B. must prove himself by harder than he’s ever W.B.ed before.


*Thank you to the publisher, Amberjack Publishing, and NetGalley for the copy.

The Baron family is back with another amazing invention. The Doppelganger Device which has the ability to transform someone into anyone. Wonderful, right? W.B.’s (Waldo Baron) dad is so proud of his newest invention though he can’t really see how it can be useful to them. Meanwhile, at school, W.B. is having a hard time convincing his teacher that all his stories about the family adventures really happened and not just his imagination. And so he spent most of his time in a corner of the classroom as some kind of punishment. When a new kid, B.W., introduced himself and wanted to be friends with him, W.B. can’t believe his luck. Finally, someone wants to be his friends. And when he invited B.W. at the Baron estate, his new friend didn’t run away like the other kids. If anything, he seems genuinely interested with his parents’ inventions. But things turned upside down for W.B. when Rose, his parents assistant, was wrongly accused of something and was put in jail. Right after that, W.B. was abducted. He managed to escape and get back to the estate but to his surprise, there’s another W.B. and he was cast out. Without anyone else to turn to, he turns to Rose. And it looks like someone posed as Rose, too. Now, it is up to W.B. and Rose’s police friend to expose whoever is pretending to be them by using the Doppelganger Device.

This is the third book of The Bizarre Baron Inventions series and just like the others, it is as fun and as quirky. Only this time, the Barons stayed on their estate and didn’t go on a crazy adventure. Having read the first two books, I am very much acquainted with the eccentric family and their quirks. I am used to the weird humor and I am more than prepared for whatever wackiness the Barons will get into. The story is more focused on W.B. and his dilemma of having someone posed as him and prove to his family that he’s the real W.B. The storyline is okay but it is the characters that kept my interest. Despite the lack of exciting adventure, I still find it to be an entertaining read. I’m not as impressed with the doppelganger device as I had with the flying estate and the submarine, but it is still sound cool. As always, it is amusing and fun. It is fast-paced and definitely, something kids would enjoy reading.




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