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Yesterday’s News (Clare Carlson #1) by R.G. Belsky

36240220When eleven-year-old Lucy Devlin disappeared on her way to school more than a decade ago, it became one of the most famous missing child cases in history. The story turned reporter Clare Carlson into a media superstar overnight. Clare broke exclusive after exclusive. She had unprecedented access to the Devlin family as she wrote about the heartbreaking search for their young daughter. She later won a Pulitzer Prize for her extraordinary coverage of the case.

Now Clare once again plunges back into this sensational story. With new evidence, new victims, and new suspects—too many suspects. Everyone from members of a motorcycle gang to a prominent politician running for a US Senate seat seem to have secrets they’re hiding about what really might have happened to Lucy Devlin. But Clare has her own secrets. And, in order to untangle the truth about Lucy Devlin, she must finally confront her own torturous past.


*Thank you to the publisher, Oceanview Publishing, and NetGalley for the copy of this title in exchange for an honest review.

Clare Carlson used to be a newspaper journalist. She made a name after covering the disappearance of 11-year-old Lucy Devlin. She even won a Pulitzer for her coverage. She became friends with Lucy’s mom and in turn got all the exclusives about the case. 15 years later, Lucy is still missing and Clare is now working for TV as an executive producer. When new evidence about Lucy’s disappearance surfaces, she was contacted once again by Lucy’s mom to help cover the case. The case launched her career and so it has always been special to her. Against her better judgment, she met with Lucy’s mother who’s now battling with cancer and only wishes to have some kind of closure. Clare decided to investigate the new information available with her boss’ approval. It leads her to a motorcycle gang and even connects a popular politician who happens to be running for Senate. Clare is convinced the politician is hiding a lot of secrets but could Lucy Devlin really be one of them? It just made Clare more determined to find out what really happened to Lucy and it looks like she’s on the right track. But the closer she gets to the truth, her own secret past is catching up with her. Because there’s a lot more to Lucy’s case than Clare is letting on. To her, it is personal.

Yesterday’s News sure got an intriguing premise. A missing child case gone cold and later on reopened and believed to be a kidnapping. It was a complex case which leads Clare in a lot of directions. Add a politician as a possible suspect and you’re sure in for an exciting read. I like how we follow the investigation of the case through a journalist and not the usual detective. It’s interesting to see how the case will progress with the journalistic approach. Clare’s character is flawed yet likeable enough to make you want to follow her story. She is also well-developed. Though it looks like a bit of a stretch, I like how she was secretly connected with Lucy’s case. It makes perfect sense why she’s so invested with it.

I find the start a bit slow for me but once it picked up I’m absorbed. Not only did new evidence resurface, new suspects and new victims even was presented. It all made everything exciting but also confusing. The question of what really happened to Lucy lingered all throughout. It took on a lot of unexpected turns, some are even dark, that will surely catch you by surprise. I find them impressive but there’s just too much of them. It was well and good the first few times but when it keeps on coming, it gets tiresome. It feels like everything just go around in circles. They are actually great twists but there are so many coincidences that seemed improbable. At that point, I just want the story to be over and get done with it. It’s the first book of the series and I’m not sure if I would want to read the next one. All in all, though, it was a solid, well-written mystery and I find it quite a good read. If you’re into mystery novel with lots of twists and turns, you’ll definitely enjoy Yesterday’s News.




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