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Loose Tongues by Chris Simms

cover141887-mediumA series of chilling murders has left Manchester in a state of terror. Women are being found dead in their homes, their bodies arranged in the same macabre pose. Each has been strangled, her mobile phone forced down her throat.

How is the killer getting in to each victim’s house? What have they done to become a target? Why have none put up a fight?

Fresh-faced and full of enthusiasm, newly-qualified Detective Constable Sean Blake has just landed a position on the investigating team. Desperate to prove himself, Sean realizes that, if he is to catch the killer, he’s going to have to think outside the box. But is he prepared for the vengeful wrath of a truly twisted mind…?


*Thank you to the publisher, Severn House, and NetGalley for the copy of this title in exchange for an honest review.

Loose Tongues is a fast-paced police procedural thriller that follows the story of a newly-qualified Detective Constable, Sean Blake, who’s been disliked by his colleagues on his first day of work after one of them was attacked in an operation and is now fighting for his life. Sean’s colleagues believed he’s to blame as he didn’t take action fast enough to help Mark Wheeler. Since then, he was tasked to do grunt works for the latest case the Serious Crime Unit is handling. A serial killer is on the loose leaving dead bodies of women with phones shoved up their throat on its trail. Determined to prove himself despite the desk work given to him, Sean made extra effort to help catch the killer. But it won’t be easy especially if the killer seems to be targeting random women.

I’ve been reading quite a lot of mystery thrillers with experienced male and female detectives as the lead characters and sometimes it’s hard to tell them apart anymore. So, what set DC Sean Blake apart? For a start, he’s new to the job and we get to follow his career’s progress. He didn’t have a dark past that he had to confront in order to solve the case, as far we know at least. But he has some personal issues he had to deal with, and that is taking care of his disabled mother. On top of that, he had to prove himself to his colleagues who hate him and at the same time focus on helping to solve a seemingly difficult case despite the limited job given to him. Mostly told in Sean’s POV, we were able to follow the development of the investigation. Also, we get to know the young detective a little deeper and see how his mother’s condition affected him. We also get to witness the killings, the MO, and what motivates him as the narrative switches to that of the killer, in which case, the readers knows a lot more information about what’s happening than the police.

With well-developed and easy to identify with characters and an interesting plot, it makes for an entertaining and somewhat suspenseful read. Although predictable, I greatly enjoyed getting to know the characters and following the case’s progress. It may not be exceptional but the author certainly delivered an engaging story that’s worth your time. A solid start of a series and I’ll definitely watch out for the next case of DC Sean Blake.




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