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September Wrap-Up

Hey, everyone!

Would you believe it’s October already? I can’t believe the past few months gone by so quickly. And now, as the weather started to cool down, my excitement also started to kick in. Because Adrien and I will go to the Philippines for two months and I just can’t wait to come back home. As always, my husband is more excited than me. It warms me that he more than embraced where I came from. He just loves being in the Philippines and with my family.

As for my reading, I did manage to finished 10 books where 2 are manga. I was aiming to read more last month, but I was stuck in a slow pace reading. Nevertheless, 10 book isn’t bad and I’m still on track with my reading challenge. You can check out my month’s recap below. 

september bir


september fom


Kiss the Girl by Tara Sivec is definitely my top pick for September. I can’t gush enough not only about the book but the whole series. It’s hilarious, sexy, romantic, empowering, and just overall entertaining.

september grc

september grc

As of September 30, I am 75% done with my Goodreads reading challenge. 30 more books to go and I’m good. I hope I can complete it. For now, I’m pretty confident that I’ll be able to reach my goal. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and will definitely spend more time reading. 


And that’s a wrap for me! How about you, guys? How many books did you finish last month? Any favorite read? Do you participate in any reading challenge? How are you faring? Feel free to leave some comments. Have a great day!


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