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Mine by Susi Fox


This is not your baby.

You wake up alone after an emergency caesarean, dying to see your child.

But when you are shown the infant, you just know . . .

This baby is not yours.

No one believes you.

They say you’re delusional, confused, dangerous.

But you’re a doctor . . .

Do you trust yourself?

Because you know only one thing – You must find your baby.



*Thank you to the publisher, Penguin UK, and NetGalley, for the copy in exchange for an honest review.

Sasha just woke up alone in a hospital she didn’t approve of after an emergency cesarian. After everything she went through to have a baby, all she wanted is to know that her child is in good condition. She needs to see her baby. But to her surprise, they told her she’s had a boy. She’s supposed to have a girl! When they finally let Sasha see her baby, the moment she set her eyes on him, she knows for certain that he’s not hers. But the nurses and doctors don’t believe her. Her father dismissed her. And even her husband is not convinced, he claimed to be with their baby the whole time, anyway, so it’s impossible to have their baby switched to someone else. But she’s determined to find her own child, because no matter what they say, no matter what she tries to do to connect with him, she can’t feel any connection towards him. But they deemed her delusional and confused. They’ve been watching her every move and conclude that she’s suffering from postpartum psychosis. But Sasha knows better, she’s a doctor after all. And now, she has to look for a way to find her baby without anyone’s help before it’s too late.

Mine has an interesting, albeit disturbing plot, playing on the fear of mothers who just gave birth – being given the wrong baby after birth. It is something that will definitely terrify moms and moms-to-be. It immediately held my interest from the first page as we are immediately presented with Sasha’s predicament. I was keen to know what’s going on. Instantly, I sympathized with Sasha and feel her frustrations at being dismissed by people who are supposed to take her side. It slowed down after the initial excitement and became repetitive as Sasha find ways to prove that Toby is not her son. A big portion of the book was set in a hospital in Australia. Told in past and present by Sasha and occasionally her husband, Mark’s perspective, we get to examine the couple’s relationship and how each experience seems to affect how they deal with their problems. From Sasha’s work and mommy issues and Mark’s burden of having a dead twin brother to their strained marriage as a result of the difficulty they faced in getting pregnant and the miscarriages. I like how as details started to unravel, I came to doubt Sasha’s claim, too. Her view on what makes a good mother is thought-provoking. Does it make her a bad mother that she doesn’t feel any connection with her baby?

Although it was an engaging read, I had a hard time fully connecting with any of the characters, not even Sasha. Despite being sympathetic, I questioned a lot of her actions and decisions. Mark is too self-absorbed, her father too dismissive, the hospital staffs are too condescending. They are a bunch of unlikeable characters. The ending may come as surprising but it fell a little flat to me, it also feels rushed and far-fetched. I was expecting for a lot more. Overall though, it’s a solid, well-written debut. Unsettling yet something different.




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