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Kiss the Girl (Naughty Princess Club #3) by Tara Sivec

38492048Publication Date: September 04, 2018

A struggling antiques collector finds herself falling in love with a millionaire playboy; but can she ever be a part of his world?

While her friends have broken free of their insecurities, Ariel Waters is struggling to come out of her shell. Her ex-husband took away her voice and her self-confidence, and Ariel is drowning under a sea of debt to afford the alimony she has to pay him. She refuses to ever fall for a man’s charms again, and is determined to make her own way.

When her house and her beloved antiques are taken by the bank after too many missed payments, Ariel finds herself adrift until the infuriatingly charming Eric Sailor comes to her rescue. Although she can’t stand the millionaire playboy, Eric’s kindness and unconditional support reveal hidden depths and a love that Ariel never imagined she could find.

But there are outside influences who will stop at nothing to keep them apart; can Ariel and Eric weather the storm and find a way to be together?


*Thank you to the publisher, St. Martin’s Press (Swerve),  for sending a copy of this title via  NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

Kiss the Girl is the third book of the Naughty Princess Club series. A contemporary romance series from Tara Sivec which is a modernized and sexy retelling of some favorite fairytales such as Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast and Little Mermaid. The Naughty Princess Club series tells the story of three financially troubled women from Fairytale Lane who come together to put up a private stripping business to make ends meet. Each book features the story of each women’s quest for self-discovery and finding their happily ever after. The third and final installment centers around our mouthy no-nonsense princess, Ariel Waters. Two years after her husband left her for another man, Ariel is now struggling to keep things afloat. Paying the alimony to her good for nothing ex took a huge hit on her finance that even her cut on their stripping business can’t help her. The bank finally seized her house and beloved antique collections after failing to pay her arrears. Without any place else to go and not wanting to intrude on her best friends’ lives with their respective partners, Ariel winds up in Eric Sailor’s company and living at one of his luxury boats. Although she can’t stand the millionaire, she is very grateful for his help. As she spends more time with him, she realized that Eric is kind and sweet and an amazing guy overall. And despite not wanting to have anything to do with men anymore, Ariel finds herself caught in his charm.

Finally, we’re down to sassy Ariel’s story. She’s been a hoot since the first book and I’ve always been curious on her backstory. With her sass and attitude, it is a wonder why she’s the last among the three “princesses” to take on stripping. She’s insisting that she’s letting her friends enjoy their moment and shine. But now, we finally know the reason why Ariel delayed her turn. We finally understand why she’s acting the way she is. How she’s hiding her pain and insecurities with brazenness. In this book, we get to see Ariel in her softer, vulnerable state. And we also get to see how she eventually gained back her confidence and power, and how she accepted herself with Eric’s help and support. Both characters, Ariel and Eric, are incredibly funny and they are just perfect for each other. I love their banters and it is delightful how Eric deals with Ariel’s snarky attitude. He knew exactly what to tell her when she’s feeling down. He knew what she needed even without her knowing it herself and he’s always there to make sure she gets it. And of course, it is always nice to catch up with our other princesses’ lives. The three of them together are always humorous and their antics never get old. I just love them. And I appreciate how the epilogue, though cheesy, capped off not only Eric and Ariel’s story but also that of Cindy with PJ and Belle with her Beast.

Ariel may appear over the top most of the time and if it weren’t for the fact that I’ve read the other books and thus I am aware of how Ariel is, her attitude might turn me off at some point if not immediately. But everything’s been over the top since the start of the series and like I’ve said before, it’s part of its charm. I may not laugh as hard as on the first two books but I am definitely as entertained. It can be read as a standalone but I still recommend reading the other two books. In that way, you can be part of the journey of these amazing and empowered women.

I totally love this series. I love everything about it. Each story is hilarious, charming, sexy and steamy, and most especially, empowering. Its positive message of self-discovery and lifting each other up is just wonderful. This is definitely on top of my favorite romantic comedies now and I can’t wait to grab my own copy. Is it okay to ask for more? Because I seriously need more from these series. That’s how much I love it. It is certain, no one writes sexy romantic comedies like Tara Sivec. She’s brilliant!

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