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August Wrap-Up

Hey, everyone! How was your August?

As for me, I’ve been a bit busy with some things the past month and I feel like I haven’t read as much. And thus, it came as a surprise that I actually finished 10 books, of which 2 are manga. They are in French, though, so it still took me some time to finish one. I’m still not sure if they are helping me with my French, though. I still suck at it big time and I need all the help I can if I want to get my visa renewed. So, anyway, checked out my last month’s recap below. 

october bir


october fotm

Nothing really stood out from the 10 books I’ve read but The Wife Before Me and Not Her Daughter both got my four purple hearts rating so I guess I’d put them as the Favorite of the Month. Even so, both novels are well-written and totally engaging.


october grc

grc - august

So far, I’ve already completed 80 books for 2018 and still right on track for my challenge.


That’s a wrap! How about you, guys? How many books did you finish last month? Any favorite read? Do you participate in any reading challenge? How are you faring? Feel free to leave a comment. Have a great day!




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