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No Place Like Home by Rebecca Muddiman

Rebecca Muddiman - No Place Like Home_cover

Publication Date: August 06, 2018

What would you do if you came home to find someone in your house?

This is the predicament Polly Cooke faces when she returns to her new home. The first weeks in the house had been idyllic, but soon Jacob, a local man, is watching her.

What does he want and why is he so obsessed with Polly?

In a situation where nothing is what it seems, you might end up regretting letting some people in.



*I would like to thank the publisher, Bloodhound Books, and NetGalley for providing a copy of this title in exchange for an honest review.

Few days after getting her new home, Polly Cooke is still ecstatic. It is a dream come true. Living alone, free of housemates, in a house she calls her own. She already has a lot of plans for the house and she’s excited to start renovating it. But someone has been watching her and the house from afar and she saw him a couple more times after that. Should she be worried and call the police? But he’s not doing anything wrong…yet. Until one day, when she’s on her way home, she noticed from afar that someone is inside her house. It is the guy who’s been stalking her and it looks like this time he is out to get her.

By reading the short blurb, you might think it’s a simple case of an obsessed stalker and Polly trying to shake him off. But it is so much more than that. It took on an unexpected yet welcome turn. It started real strong with Polly coming to find a stranger in her new house and it turns out he’s not a stranger after all. But after that, it started to go slow and becomes a bit confusing as it switches from the present and few weeks before and some instances months before, leading to her acquiring the house. There’s no indication at the start of some chapters to signify if it’s past or present and it can be puzzling. But once I get past that, I was absorbed by Polly’s plight. The story has a steady pace but can be repetitive.

Polly is an unreliable character and I never liked her from the start. I immediately feel there’s something off about her with the way she handled situations and how she interacts with people. And so, it’s easy for me to get an inkling on what’s really going on and was not surprised when I was proved right. As the truth slowly unfolds, it gets more surprising, the character more twisted, and it sucked me in deeper into the story. I was invested despite not liking any of the characters. I just need to know how things will end. And speaking of ending, it was okay but just didn’t make any sense to me. After all the trouble Polly’s been through, why run away just like that? I thought she said she’ll do anything to get what she wants. It was hard to go into details without spoiling so I’ll just leave it at that. On the whole, I still think No Place Like Home is a solid psychological thriller and a really good read that fans of the genre might enjoy.






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