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July Wrap-Up

Hello, guys! How’s your summer, so far?

So, another month flew by and it means it calls for a new monthly reading recap. Same as last June, I spent a lot of times out and lounging in front of the TV watching the World Cup. But the moment it was finished, I surprisingly picked up on my reading pace. I was able to read a total of 10 books, 2 of which are manga. 

august bir


august fotm

I can’t choose just one favorite this month and I ended up with three. Though both Watching You and The Secret are not five-star rating in my opinion, it is very much close to it and I was highly entertained and entranced the whole time I was reading.


august grc

july grc

Still one book ahead of schedule. Yay! Thank you, manga! 😁


That’s it for my wrap-up.  How about you, guys? How many books did you finish last month? Any fave read? Do you participate in any reading challenge? How are you faring? Feel free to leave a comment. Have a great day!


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