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Find You In The Dark by Nathan Ripley

36632316Martin Reese has a hobby: he digs up murder victims. He buys stolen police files on serial killers, and uses them to find and dig up missing bodies. Calls in the results anonymously, taunting the police for their failure to do their job.

Detective Sandra Whittal takes that a little personally. She’s suspicious of the mysterious caller, who she names the Finder. Maybe he’s the one leaving the bodies behind. If not, who’s to say he won’t start soon?

As Whittal begins to zero in on the Finder, Martin makes a shocking discovery. It seems someone—someone lethal—is very unhappy about the bodies he’s been digging up.

Hunted by a cop, hunted by a killer. To escape and keep his family safe, Martin may have to go deeper into the world of murder than he ever imagined.

*Synopsis and photo from Goodreads


*Thank you to the publisher, Text Publishing UK, and NetGalley for the copy in exchange for an honest review.

Find You in the Dark is said to be in the same league as Dexter and that alone catch my attention. Reading the blurb had me sold. It sounds dark and just plain creepy. The story mainly focuses on Martin Reese, who’s been in early retirement for quite sometime after selling up the tech company he’s founded. With too much time to spare, Martin got himself an unusual hobby. That is digging up long-buried dead bodies that are victims of serial killing. He secretly, and illegally, purchase police files on serial killers and studies every information available for clues on where he could find the victim’s body. Once he’s sure about the location, Martin will go on a solo “camping trip” to dig for the body and report his find anonymously. Some police officers are okay with it, the Finder helps them with their job and as far as they know, no matter how weird it is, he’s not doing anything wrong. But not Detective Sandra Whittal. She doesn’t like his taunting the police of not doing their job properly and she’s convinced that it won’t take long for the Finder to start killing, too. He’s running out of bodies to dig and what he will do when that time comes is anyone’s guess. She is determined to find him before he starts leaving dead bodies of his own doing. Unknown to Martin, it is not only the police who’s onto his trail. Someone has been watching him and know his secret. Someone that is not too happy with what he’s doing and has a plan of his own for Martin.

This started real strong on the first few chapters. Starting off with a murder scene and introducing Martin in the middle of his hobby. The plot is original and I had high hopes. But it pretty much slows down after that. And despite some curveball thrown in along the way, I am not that invested as I hoped I would. I don’t find any of the characters interesting, not Martin, not Sandra, not the anonymous killer. And I even don’t care much about what happens to them. I would have preferred if there’s a bit more background story on Martin so I could understand him a lot better. I also don’t get most of the conversations between characters and I find myself skimming the pages. Despite the promising plot, I am bored. What keeps me reading, though, aside from hoping that things will get better, is the desire to know what will happen next. Plus the tension was built quite good, so there is that. At the last 20% of the book, the story finally picked up to make up for the slow pacing. So, considering some issues, I still find it an okay read. A decent thriller but definitely could be better.




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