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It Had To Be You by Keris Stainton

36289507Twenty-five-year-old Bea is a hopeless romantic – with a hopeless love life. She’s been single ever since her awful ex broke her heart, and the only thing she gets up to in bed is watching rom coms on her laptop.

When Bea meets Dan, who is basically the man of her dreams, she knows she can’t let him get away. They might not have fireworks, but not everyone can be fighting and (loudly) making up every night, like Bea’s housemates.

But Bea can’t shift the feeling that something just isn’t right. As time goes on, Dan seems less like Mr. Right, and more like Mr. Couldn’t-Be-More-Wrong… Will Bea be brave enough to change her dreams – and dare to ask for more?

*Synopsis and photo from Goodreads


Thank you to the publisher, Bookouture, and NetGalley for the copy of this title in exchange for an honest review.

It’s my second Keris Stainton, and since I enjoyed If You Could See Me Now, I’m curious to see if It Had To Be You would be as fun. Since they pretty much have the same cover, I expect it would be light and well, cheesy. Bea is a 25-year-old hopeless romantic young lady who’s been dreaming of this mystery guy for ages. She strongly believes that this man is her Mr. Right. Why else could she be dreaming of him? And then, she met Dan on the same spot in the park that she knew she’ll meet her dream guy. Could it be him? And though he seemed to be the guy any girl could fall for, Bea feels that there’s something missing. She can’t feel any sparks between them at all. Something that she thinks is important if he really is The One. Could it be that she’s wrong, or her dream, for that matter? Or maybe she got the wrong guy after all.

It Had To Be You may not be as fun as If You Could See Me Now, but it surely got its own charm. It is sweet and amusing and consists of some adorable and funny characters. Bea is living with a few other people in an apartment and despite the differences in personality, they all get along so well. And it is those friends that added extra entertainment to the story. The banters between them are witty and the challenges they are going through are realistic enough that made them all relatable. Although, Bea as the main character is not as interesting as some of her housemates. There are also some instances I don’t buy, like Bea’s ex-boyfriend who doesn’t even remember her at all after seeing her again. In addition, I’m a bit bothered by Henry’s constant reddening. I haven’t met a person who gets red in the face every time. Despite being so predictable and a somewhat rushed ending, I still find it as an enjoyable read. There’s not a toe-curling romance but it is still kinda sweet. In all, an easy and uncomplicated nice love story.




2 thoughts on “It Had To Be You by Keris Stainton

  1. I think this was a three star for me but I only vaguely remember the plot at this point so yes, that would probably be why. It does still however make me sing some Sinatra every time I see the title.

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