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WWW Wednesday: July 04, 2018

Hi, everyone!

It’s Wednesday once again and it’s time for another WWW Wednesday.


WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam@Taking on a World of Words. To participate, just answer the three questions below and link back to her or simply put your answers in the comments section on her blog so she can check out your answers. 

The three WWW questions are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?


I’ve been juggling between these two books at this moment but both can’t seem to keep my attention despite the interesting premises. Play Dead is Harlan Coben’s very first novel about a basketball superstar who drowned while on a honeymoon with his supermodel businesswoman wife. It was ruled out as an accident. But when a big amount of money disappeared from his account, his wife suspected there’s more to his death and she needs to uncover it. I’ve read some of Coben’s works and so far, I am impressed with those. This one got a really interesting plot and I am intrigue with the mystery within the story. But there are just too many POVs and characters to follow. I’m halfway through and it’s starting to pick up and I’m getting excited with how it will unfold.

Meanwhile, Find You in the Dark tells a story about a guy who has a creepy hobby of digging up murder victims. He buys police files from a corrupt cop and do his own investigation until it leads him to a dead body. Everything is going fine and he’s even contemplating on doing his last dig when everything went awry for him. Because someone is not happy with what’s he’s doing and will do everything to let everything stay buried. This one is being compared to Dexter and that alone is enough to catch my attention. But it wasn’t as gripping as I initially thought. Despite the original premise, the characters and their interactions just seem off. But I’ll see if things will eventually get better.



I read the English version of the manga Again!! that I got from NetGalley. It is a time travel story of a high school student who had a somewhat forgettable experience throughout his stay at the school. On his graduation, an accident happen that resulted for him traveling back in time and start his high school journey all over again. And maybe this time, he can do things differently. I really like this one. It is not confusing as some other manga I’ve read. The characters are all very interesting and I would really like to read the rest of the story.



Goodbye Days is one of a NetGalley haul I’ve had last year, which I got after their publication. I haven’t gotten around to reading it and since I’ve been meaning to slowly tackle my old NetGalley titles, why not start with this one?


That’s it for my WWW Wednesday this week. See you again next week and feel free to share your own WWWs below. Have a good day!


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