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June Wrap-Up

What’s up, fellow bloggers?

I can’t believe half of the year’s already gone by. So much has happened but the summer is here and the weather helped greatly to uplift my mood. Plus, talk of another visit to the Philippines in December comes up a lot. Enough to look forward to and be excited with and lessen the loneliness. 

Reading-wise, I think I’ve been a bit lax on my reading. I’ve been spending more time out now since the summer started. Enjoying the sun that I’m so used to. Also, because of the World Cup, some of my reading time was spent watching the matches. I still managed to read 13 good books, though, on which 3 are short stories and the other one is a manga. 

monthly bir01


monthly fotm01

This June I was able to read some interesting books but what really impressed me are The Date and Whisper which both got great plots and interesting characters. 


monthly grc01

I finally managed to catch up on Goodreads Reading Challenge and now one book ahead towards my goal of 120 books.



So, there goes my monthly wrap-up.  How about you, guys? How many books did you finish for the month of June? Any favorites? How’s your reading challenge coming along? Feel free to leave a comment. Have a great day!






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