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May Wrap-Up

Hey, everyone!

Now that I’m slowly getting back to my old routine, and yes, that includes blogging, I will give a short wrap-up of what I’ve read the past month. Since I’ve spent most of my time lounging on the couch or hibernating in bed, I managed to catch up on my challenge, if only for a little and ended up reading 14 books. Below are the books I’ve finished for the month of May. 

Blog Headers(1)


Blog Headers(1)

It was a bit hard to choose a favorite from the above books because I don’t think there’s one that really stood out. Not that they are bad, they are actually all good. But there’s nothing I consider giving a 5 star rating. So, I’ll just choose a few that I really enjoyed more than the others. 


monthly grc05.jpg

From 6, I am now down to only 2 books behind. Slowly getting there. 🙂

may - grc


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And despite not being able to read any books from my shelf for a very long time, I just can’t stop adding some more to my TBR. Here’s some lovely titles (and covers!) I’ve got.


That’s a wrap! 

















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