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Forget Me Not (Detective Jess Bishop #1) by Kierney Scott

36187160When the dismembered body of Lydia Steiner is found washed up in the waters of a blisteringly hot Louisiana swamp, Detective Jess Bishop knows for certain this isn’t the murderer’s first kill.
Three other dismembered bodies have been found, all bearing the same marks. Marks that strike fear into Jess’s heart. They are identical to those from a case she’s spent her entire career trying to forget.
As Jess and her team try to link the victims, another body is discovered and they fear the serial killer is taunting them. They know it’s only a matter of time before he kills again.
As the body count rises, and the hunt goes cold, Jess knows she has to confront her past in order to catch the killer, even if that means making herself the bait…

*Synopsis and photo from Goodreads


*Thank you to the publisher, Bookouture, and NetGalley for the copy in exchange for an honest review.

Forget Me Not is the first book of the Detective Jess Bishop series and also the first mystery thriller novel of the author Kierney Scott, who’s known for writing romantic novels. The story revolves around Detective Jessica Bishop, an FBI agent who’s handling a case that’s starting to feel a little too familiar and personal. The female victims were all dismembered, their heads missing, and all are bearing the same marks. Marks that Jess is sure she’d seen before from a case she’d been trying so hard to forget. Could it be that her past is catching up with her? And speaking of past, her former partner, Jamison, whom she had feelings with, is back but with a news that he’s getting married. Haunted by her past and desolated by Jamison’s approaching wedding, Jess turns to her self-destructive ways. But as dead bodies keep piling up and a witness ends up dead as well, Jess knows it’s time to gather herself together and confront the past that she can’t get away from, so she can catch the murderous killer who seems to be targeting random women.

I had a hard time getting into Jess’ story. She is a flawed character which is fine by me but she has so many issues and she does eye-rolling worthy stuff that it’s so hard to like her and feel sympathy towards her. After learning about her past, though, I came to warm into her and understand her character if only for a bit. I wished her background was laid out immediately in the beginning, though, dark past and all, because she sure got an interesting past to tell. As I feel like I missed a book or two in the story. Instead, I have to plough through pages after pages of her going on about her feelings toward Jamison. At some point, it’s even dragging, as it focuses so much more on Jess and her issues than the crime. I don’t really mind reading about the characters’ lives but in this case, it doesn’t work for me as it gets repetitive to the point of wearing me out. Despite that, I still enjoyed the crime aspect and the mystery that had me guessing until the end and also the suspense with unexpected twists and turns made up for the slow parts. It also helps that the writing is engaging. Overall, I’d still consider it as a solid, a little dark and gruesome, mystery crime novel and will definitely pick up the second book.




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