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February Wrap-Up

Hello, fellow bookworms! How are you guys doing?

Another month is over and so here we are again for a new monthly recap. Not much has happened to me for the last month as I rarely go outside. I’m not so fond of the cold and I’d rather cozy up at home than brave the cold weather. I can go on days without any human interaction other than my husband and I’m totally okay with that. As long as I have my phone and books to keep me company when the husband is at work, then life, if not perfect, is good. But anyway, reading-wise, I’m still struggling. Only six books, in which one is manga and another one, a graphic novel. I can’t seem to read as much as before and yet the pull of getting new books is as fervor as ever. I’m pretty sure I added 20+ titles on my NetGalley shelf last month alone. I should probably stay away from the site but even if I keep telling that to myself, the only way it would work is if I cut down the Internet. Which is really not an option, right? But it’s not only in reading I am struggling. I am as bad at blogging. I have a lot of review backlogs but I can’t seem to find the will to finish them all. But I am hoping this month that I’ll do much better in both aspects. 

So, anyway, here goes my February reading wrap-up.






Already 4 books behind schedule! 2 months and already failing the challenge! Let’s see if March will be any better.


There goes my February! How about you, guys? How did your reading go? Have you read any of the books above? What do you think? 

Till next time!



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