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Cold Cuts (DI Pereira & DS Bain) by Douglas Lindsay



The new cold meat option in the sandwich shop isn’t chicken, and it isn’t pork. It’s Kevin Moyes, missing for two weeks, now presumed dead.
The Serious Crime Unit are notified, and the hunt for the macabre butcher takes detectives Aliya Pereira and Marc Bain to the meat-processing factory where the human flesh entered the food chain. They are followed by a media frenzy, with Pereira’s boss demanding immediate results. But while the factory is clean and no one is talking, some of the players have gone missing, people are still dying, and the butcher’s work is not yet done.


*Synopsis and photo from Goodreads


*Copy courtesy of the publisher, »be« by Bastei Entertainment, and NetGalley.

Cold Cuts sounds like one dark and gruesome book. And it kinda is. Good thing it is a short one and the fast pacing and interesting storyline managed to get me hooked until the end. Kevin Moyes has been missing for 2 weeks and can only be presumed dead. And then, parts of him showed up as cold meat in a sandwich shop. Detective partners Aliya Pereira and Marc Bain were tasked to handle the case and the investigation led them to the meat-processing company where people don’t seem to want to cooperate. Without much lead to go to, they are at a lost on what to do next. Until they found out that there’s another guy missing and is connected to Kevin and it is only a matter of time before the next cold meat pop in somewhere.

Since the book is really short, more like a novella, there’s not a lot of details to the story and not a lot of background story about the main characters Pereira and Bain, and much less on the suspect. Perhaps more details about the main characters will be addressed in the next book since it looks like it’s going to be a series. And because of that, it feels like this first book is just some kind of snippet. You’ll be left wanting for more. Despite the lack of information, though, the author still managed to execute a good story. Enough mystery to pique your interest till the last page. Based on the limited information, Pereira seemed to be an intriguing character and it’s disappointing not to know more about her. This is my first book from this author and despite some issues, I am still entertained. I would like to read some other of his works but I am just not sure if I’m going to continue with the series. Maybe I’ll look into his standalone if there’s any. All in all, it is a well-written mystery. Unpredictable and surprising twist.




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