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Book of Lies by Teri Terry

25370363They are trapped, frozen. Waiting. Straining against the wood that holds them. The unwary catch a glimpse now and then – feel their desperate hunger, see a glint of red eyes – and scurry out of the shadows of the wood, back to the light.
She’s coming; it will be soon.
They will run free on the moors again. The Hunt will return.
And the ground will run with blood.
An ancient curse placed on a family of witches foretells that twins will be born – one good, one evil; and one will destroy the other. But who can be trusted when no one is as they seem?


*Synopsis and photo from Goodreads


*I would like to thank Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Children’s Book Group and NetGalley for the copy in exchange for an honest review.

The Book of Lies tells a story about the family of witches– the Bloomwoods but is focused mainly on twins, Quinn and Piper, separated at birth because of a prediction that one of them will cause the destruction of the family. Quinn grew up in the supervision of her strict grandmother in the secluded part of the mountain on the moors, with the occasional visit from Isobel, their mother. She was trained never to tell a lie and was led to believe that there is something sinister inside her so she has to be careful. Meanwhile, Piper grew up with a family with Isobel and her dad. Everyone adores her and she got everything that Quinn can only dream of. Only, while Quinn is wary of lying, Piper is a practiced liar. But when Isobel suddenly died, the twins finally learn about each other on her funeral. To say it came as a surprise is an understatement. And when Piper asked her secret twin not to reveal herself just yet to their father, Quinn reluctantly agreed. She knows she can’t just go and show herself without knowing about Isobel’s reason for hiding her. But the only person who can answer her questions is lying unconscious in a hospital, their grandmother. Quinn and Piper then decided to search for the truth. But one of the twins is on a mission of getting what she desperately wants and is willing to do everything just to get it.

The blurb from Goodreads looks so vague and yet quite interesting, too. Just with that “family of witches” and I’m sold. Add to that the twin concept where one is evil and I know this is something I will really like. And sure, I like it enough, but then, I feel like Book of Lies fell a bit short of being a really excellent read. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is still a good read considering the slow pacing, but I wish it could’ve focused more on the witch story part of the twins. Not that I was expecting magic wands and stuff, but exploring that part would give a glimpse of how their witch powers really work and the likes. Plus, that would surely be more fun to read. Because half of the story seemed so dragging that it took a while to get into despite the strong start. It picked up around 70% of the book, though, with revelation after revelation, twist after twist, it can get overwhelming that you don’t have time to process everything. But I’d say the ending is pretty solid. It was told in alternating POV of Quinn and Piper, and though the character building is good, I can’t seem to like any of the twins. Maybe because it is part of the build-up and mystery about the twins’ real agenda, but nevertheless, their actions never endear them to me. Not to mention how at most times, their voices are just very much alike. Also, not a fan of the love triangle. But, overall, I’d say it is still a solid read and it is definitely something most would enjoy.

RATING: 3.5/5




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