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Jigsaw Puzzle: Ruby (Gorjuss)

This will be a really short post. Today, I’ll be showing off one of my favorite jigsaw puzzles I’ve completed. The Gorjuss Ruby from Ravensburger. Gorjuss is also from one of the collections of the lifestyle fashion accessory company Santoro London. They sure make lovely stuff in there. Especially when put into jigsaw puzzle designs. I just can’t help myself from picking it up. It really looks so cute.

It may look adorable but it is still quite a challenge to finish the puzzle especially the brown background. One thing is sure, though, they are so much fun to make. And so satisfying the moment you finally put the last piece and see the completed product. Ruby consists of 500 puzzle pieces with a finished size of 36 x 49 cm. Look at that! It is definitely gorgeous.



8 thoughts on “Jigsaw Puzzle: Ruby (Gorjuss)

      1. It surely would add a unique touch to any room! : ) I always glue mine too– as it takes a while to do them, I just hate to take them apart! : )

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