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October Wrap-Up

FINALLY! It’s November! I’ve been waiting for this for the past 11 months and it’s not an exaggeration. My husband and I are flying to the Philippines next week and I’m so excited I can’t even sleep. I can’t really say it’s a vacation since we’ll just stay at my family’s house and spend time with them but we’re still ecstatic about it. I know I’ve been at it for the past couple of months, please, bear with me. 

But anyway, enough about me gushing about that trip. Let’s get into what this post is really all about: my monthly wrap-up. I feel quite proud because I finally managed to get back on track on blogging. Last month, I’ve read 8 books plus 2 manga and on top of that, I managed to publish 10 blog posts. Yay me! Good thing, too, since with the trip coming, I’m pretty sure I’d be too lazy to post anything. So, I apologize in advance already for that since I won’t be blogging much and will miss a lot of your posts. I’ll make it up to you, guys when we get back to France on December. For now, check out my reading recap for the month of  October below.

october bir




october fotm



For October, I don’t have a 5 hearts rating but I rated 3 books with a 4.5. These are Body on Baker Street, Lies She Told, and Emma in the Night. All of which are great mystery stories.   

october grc



Also, I’ve completed (and surpassed!) my goal for Goodreads Reading Challenge. My initial goal is to read 90 books this year. But then I started reading tons of short stories, graphic novels, manga, and children’s books and add them to my list, too, so I bumped up my goal to 110. As of today, I’ve read a total of 116 books and blogging helped me so much on my reading goal. I’ve been participating in the challenge since 2014, and I’m proud to say that I always reach my goal. 2017 is surely the most number of books I’ve read and since we have 2 more months left for the year, there’ll be few more additions.


october GR RCgrrc years

october bh




I also scored some books from the second-hand bookshop in the city. There’s not a lot of English books to choose from but I did find some interesting ones. 


So, that’s my October wrap-up. Have an amazing November, guys! Till next time!


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