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The Last Donut Shop of the Apocalypse (Kelly Driscoll Series #2)

The Last Donut Shop of the Apocalypse

After narrowly preventing the last apocalypse, Kelly Driscoll finds herself with an unlikely day job. She’s the interim manager of Amenity Tower, one of the few buildings still left standing in the rubble of Pothole City. But after answering a mysterious phone call, she signs up for a new mission that’s a perfect match for her skills: locating the missing president of the famed Cluck Snack brand.

As Kelly quickly learns, the missing executive is only the beginning of Pothole City’s problems. The city’s leading donut shops— run by two very different Gorgon monster siblings—are engaged in a bitter territorial dispute. Plus, the residents of Kelly’s building have hatched a new plot to kill the beloved single-purpose angels and set the stage for another apocalypse.

Teaming up again with her allies from the first book—including Af the Angel of Destruction, Stringfellow the ferret, and Tubiel and the other single-purpose angels—Kelly is up for the challenge. But can she rescue the missing president and restore peace between the donut shops before Pothole City is destroyed yet again?


*Thank you Curiosity Quills Press and NetGalley for the copy in exchange for an honest review.

So, The Last Donut Shop of the Apocalypse is the second book of the Kelly Driscoll Series. It started where The Last Condo Board of the Apocalypse left off, the aftermath of the first failed attempt to bring destruction in Pothole City. This time, our protagonist, Kelly Driscoll found herself as the new interim manager of Amenity Tower, one of the few buildings left standing in Pothole City. It is also a condo board where the tenants are fallen angels and monsters bound to the building, meaning, they can’t leave Amenity Tower. And though Kelly managed to stop the last attempt of some fallen angels to unbound themselves at the tower and wreak havoc on the city, the residents still seemed doubtful of her capacity to run the building. For now, she can’t do anything but carry on and focus on her new mission. Finding the missing president of the company responsible for the famous collection of Cluck Snacks catering to single-purpose angels and the likes. Her search brought her to another mess of sibling rivalry between two Gorgon monster sisters, who also happens to own the competing donut shop in the city. The one sister is doing so well than the other than it intensifies the rivalry. And if it’s not enough trouble to handle, fallen angels bound on the tower are hatching a new plan to bring out another apocalypse in Pothole City. It looks like Kelly will face a really huge challenge this time.

If I was weirded out in the first book, I feel the same thing in this second installment. The only difference was that I know what to expect already. I am more prepared for what is in store than the last time but I still got mixed-up with a lot of names and entities to follow. I can’t remember which is which and just give up trying after failing to recall what entity the name is connected to. But this one is easier to follow plot-wise than the first one. That is if you read the first book, then you’ll get the gist of what’s up with the story and it won’t be too confusing. Like, seriously, if you skipped book one and jumped from this, things like death worms and fallen angels and single purpose angels are enough to raise hundred of questions that will be hard to answer.

In this installment, we get to know a lot more about Kelly and the single-purpose angels on her care. We get to follow Af’s story, who’s charming in his cluelessness when it comes to women and relationship, and so are the other fallen angels and their obsession to get out of Amenity Tower. They are fun, as usual. Add the Gorgon sisters, and it is a complete riot. The wit and humor present in the first continued on this one that reading this quirky story is such a breeze.

And though there are a lot of characters in the mix and a lot of stuff happened, I like how things unfold with Kelly. With her adjustment to the new job and the feeling of being lost and self-doubt. And no matter how weird everything around her, you just can’t help but relate to what she’s going through. I’m pretty sure we’ve all been in the same situation as her. Also, brace yourself for a little bit of romance thrown in, which is amusing.

So, yeah, overall, it is equally entertaining as the first book, with a clearer plot and much more developed characters. A quirky series for urban fantasy lovers that are open to embracing the weirdness and craziness that it’ll offer.

RATING: 3.5/5



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