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The Law of Attraction by Roxie Cooper

34927591Northern girl Amanda Bentley isn’t your average lawyer.

She spent her teenage years in the Working Men’s club and hanging out in the park to avoid going home. Fresh out of law school she lands pupillage at a top set of Chambers and is catapulted into a world completely alien to her own, fighting prejudice and snobbery at every turn.

Piling on the pressure, this year it is announced two candidates have been accepted but there’s only one job at the end of it. And her competition? Marty, her smarmy law school nemesis.

Throw into the mix an ill-advised romance with the staggeringly sexy Sid Ryder and Amanda quickly realises winning pupillage isn’t just about how good a lawyer you are.

But even if she does come out on top, all of it could be for nothing if her colleagues ever discover who she really is and one very dark secret.


*Thank you HQ Digital and NetGalley for the copy in exchange for an honest review.

Something happened to Amanda Bentley when she was young that made her want to be a lawyer and be part of one of Newcastle Crown Court robing room. And now after all her hard work and perseverance she is finally slowly making her dream come true. She just got the pupilage on The Athena Chambers, one of the most prestigious sets of Chambers in Newcastle, and have the opportunity to be a junior barrister after. She’s going to prove to those who doubted her that there is more than that meets the eye. That she can be a barrister despite the stereotype she’s been getting from people for being pretty and having platinum blonde hair. But there is only one job available and it so happened that there’s another pupil accepted aside from Amanda. She’s a little disheartened but she will make sure to do her best. Only, she didn’t expect that her competition would be Martin Gregg, her arrogant rival in law school, who has rich and influential family. And it looks like everyone from the Chambers adored Marty, as he calls himself now. Still, she has a year to prove her worth and exposed Marty for an arrogant jerk that he is. But it’s not only Marty who’s being a distraction to Amanda, there is also Sid Ryder, the senior barrister who seems captivated by her. And she can’t resist his charm, too, despite her mentor’s warning not to get involved with anyone in the Chambers, especially not the notorious player Sid. Now, she made another enemy out of Sid’s ex-girlfriend and her group of friends. Determined to get the job at the end of the pupilage, she tried to stay away from them and just do her job as best as she could. But Amanda is keeping a secret that could possibly harm her career and all her hard work will be for naught.

It was the lovely cover of The Law of Attraction that attracted me to it first. It helped, too, that the synopsis looks interesting. I like courtroom drama and the likes but I know this one would be something light and different. Also, what could be that dark secret Amanda is hiding for her to be so scared of losing all the things she’d work hard for? Intriguing. Only, I struggled so hard to get into the story. Not only once that I abandoned it and switched to other more, well, interesting book. It’s not that it is bad, it actually isn’t. It’s just a little hard at some point to connect to Amanda as a character. For one, her boss told her not to get involved with anyone from the Chambers as it will not result in anything good. But what did she do? Yep, she’s gone and got involved with the known player, anyway. I mean, since it’s not forbidden to be with someone at the Chambers, I don’t find any problem with that. But since she’s been going on and on about how she wants the job and will do everything to get it, why sabotage yourself? It doesn’t help that I find nothing likeable against Sid. Not because he’s not a likeable character or anything. There’s just not a lot of Sid in the story for me to get to know him better and I wonder what Amanda saw in him aside from him being good looking and all. Which is disappointing because I was hoping for a light and fun romance between them, but nope, Sid is just a side story.

The story is really about Amanda’s rivalry against Marty, I think. Since she spends more time talking to him and thinking about him. And Marty is one annoying piece of… okay, you get the gist, he is annoying as hell and I feel for Amanda having to deal with people like that. And though I like the bit of competition, I find the bickering too much and just childish. They are professionals anyway and should not behave that way, at least in my opinion. Although, it’s good to see how Amanda handled things smartly with Marty. Another thing is the dark secret Amanda’s hiding. I don’t think it’s as bad as she makes it to be but I can understand her worry since her career is at stake. I feel like if there’s more of Amanda’s past I would be able to connect to her more easily and understand where she is coming from.

One thing I like though is how she tackles her cases and how passionate she is when it comes to her job. I am not familiar with how the court system works in the UK and I haven’t read much about it before but it’s nice to learn some stuff about it through this book. It’s quite entertaining at times especially with Skylar, Amanda’s boss. He is funny and very much likeable. There are moments where I can relate to Amanda when people judge her so easily with how she looks. Happens a lot of times and I know it’s not only me.

Overall, it is a light read and sometimes funny. Can’t say quick read since it took me weeks to finish it. Still, it’s okay but I believed could be a lot better.




(*Photo and synopsis courtesy of Goodreads)

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