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The Boyfriend Project (Boyfriend / Trouble #2) by Rachel Hawthorne



Kendall and her boyfriend, Jeremy, have been together forever, and Kendall is starting to wonder if Jeremy is a little boring. . . . So she embarks on a boyfriend makeover. But as Jeremy learns to strut his stuff, other girls start to notice him and, what’s worse, he’s noticing them back. Then Jeremy breaks up with Kendall and she realizes her makeover project was the ultimate disaster. Is the sweet boyfriend she loved gone forever?


Kendall and Jeremy are a fairly new couple but they’ve been really good friends before they got together. Their relationship is great but somehow Kendall is starting to think that her boyfriend is a bit boring. He wears boring clothes, styles his hair in a boring manner, and is way too nice. And still, girls don’t seem to notice him even if he is far from bad-looking. She started hinting then that maybe Jeremy should start wearing different clothes and wear a different hairstyle. And as her boyfriend started getting girl’s attention, Kendall is regretting her decision especially when he broke up with her. Brokenhearted, Kendall is wondering if she’ll ever get the old Jeremy back.

I haven’t read a Rachel Hawthorne book in ages but I’ve always enjoyed them when I was younger. They are always fun and quick read. So I was expecting that I’d enjoy The Boyfriend Project. Only, it didn’t happen. To put it mildly, I am disappointed. I am even surprised that I managed to finish it. It started okay and there is some good stuff that I appreciate. Like, the alternating point of views between Kendall and Jeremy. It made the readers get to know them more and it showed both sides of the story. It is a relief, too, because I find Kendall shallow with her boyfriend issue and made reading her part dragging. I find it really hard to like her character. So, Jeremy’s POV served as a breather, only for a time being, because he sure did come close to being shallow as his girlfriend. But, it is Avery, Kendall’s best friend, and her boyfriend Fletcher, that interest me most. I gathered their story is the first one on the Boyfriend/Trouble series.

I don’t understand why Kendall wants to change her boyfriend. He is a geek but he isn’t so bad. He is even cute and doesn’t have a bad fashion sense. He just seems boring, in her opinion, because girls are not into him since he doesn’t look “dangerous”. Girl, please, if a guy looks dangerous, I’ll sure run the other way. And then, when said boyfriend finally relented and magically become one hot guy with girls on his tail, she loses her mind with jealousy, wanting her old boyfriend back. Talk about regret in the end. Also, I know she’s a control freak but an itinerary on the beach? She actually has a list of things she will do for the day, in order. Like, walk the dog in the morning, take breakfast, hit the beach, lunch, read, dinner and finally monopoly. She never heard of such thing as spontaneous.

Then there’s Jeremy who seems so nice and sweet at the beginning then suddenly…poof! He transformed into a total tool who only cares about his physical appearance in order to win a charity contest so as not to embarrass his girlfriend. While said girlfriend is worried that no one will give money to her beloved because, well, he is not as hot as the other contestants. What started as a charity show for the animal shelter to obtain funds became a show for who-have-the-sexiest-abs. But at least they managed to get a lot of money for the shelter because of that. Also, he is much more likeable and bearable than Kendall.

And though there’s some character development that happened and they both learned their lessons, it is just hard for me to ignore how Kendall was like. The plot has a lot of potentials but the story failed to capture it. As a Hawthorne avid reader, it is disappointing since it’s been so long since the last time I’ve read one of her books. Still, I will probably check out Avery and Fletcher’s story since they are more interesting than Kendall and Jeremy.




(*Photos and synopsis courtesy of Goodreads)

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Purchase it on The Boyfriend Project

Purchase it on The Boyfriend Project

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