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My Husband the Stranger by Rebecca Done




A tragic accident. A terrible injury. And in a moment, the man you fell in love with is transformed into a total stranger. How would you cope? What would you do? Would you be strong enough to stay? But what if you found out that it wasn’t an accident at all…?


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The short blurb of My Husband the Stranger really caught my attention. It doesn’t tell much but it sure is intriguing. Will it be a heartbreaking love story? Or maybe a psychological thriller? Well, disappointingly, it is neither. Alex is certain that Molly is the perfect girl, that she is the right one for him. So, he asked her to marry him and they couldn’t get any happier. Life is good. They have each other, they both got good jobs and is trying to start their family. But Alex got in an accident that rocked their world. His head injury affected his memory and left him grumpy most of the time. He can’t smell anything and he can’t taste the food he eats. He also refused to leave their house and find a job. Usually, he spends his time in front of the television. This Alex is completely different from the one Molly knows. Living with him is not easy. They are always fighting even with the smallest stuff such as spilled milk. She can feel his resentment towards her and it’s taking a toll on her. Add to that, Molly had to quit her high-paying job in London and find a new one near their new home so she can attend to her husband’s needs. Her boss doesn’t like her very much and has been waiting for her to mess up so he can kick her out. Quitting her job and leaving her husband has never been an option before. But will she ever get back the man she loves? And if her sacrifices always go unnoticed, is it still worth the fight?

Okay, so, this book is not a fun read at all. What I mean is, it is not easy to read as the main character feels so sad and frustrated. My heart goes out to Molly for all the things she’d been through to keep her marriage afloat despite the uncommon situation she’s in. It is written so well that I can feel her pain and struggles. But I can’t seem to completely like Molly’s character. Sure, I empathized with her. The patience and love she has for her husband are truly admirable. I can perfectly understand the hardship that she is going through, but I don’t know why it is so hard for me to like her. Maybe because I don’t agree with most of her decisions. Like staying with Alex even if he treated her like crap. I know, it is because of the accident but it still doesn’t change how I see things. Why, it took them three years to address the issue! I believe she should be used to how things are already. Towards the end though, I slowly warmed to her. I like how she rebuilds her life with the people who care about her and how she deals with the truth. Anyway, the same thing goes with Alex. If he is infuriating after the unfortunate incident, he is also unlikeable before it happened. He’s called by his twin brother Graeme as the golden boy, as he was their father’s favorite, and he’s depicted as a really nice and perfect guy. And yes, he sure is from Molly’s point of view. But on reading his narrative of the past, I don’t feel his sincerity. Surprisingly, it is Graeme whom I connected to in this story. He is the wild and irresponsible twin. Their father resented him since he was a kid and make sure Graeme knows about it. Because of that, I can understand why he acted the way he did. I know it is not an excuse to rebel. What I’m saying is, it will sure mess up someone bigtime.

The twist is not that surprising since there are some little clues that I managed to pick up as I read but nonetheless, it is interesting. It started strong and got me absorbed in the story immediately, but the pacing dropped towards the middle. It may not be as great as I first thought it would be, but it still tells a different take on the story about love in a unique premise. My Husband the Stranger is a well-written, thought-provoking tale of love, hope, sacrifice and how much are you willing to endure for the one you love. It will make one wonder what to do in such situation as Molly and Alex. Will you hang on or will you let go? Overall, a satisfyingly good read that will arouse reader’s emotion.

RATING: 3.5/5



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Purchase it on My Husband the Stranger

Purchase it on My Husband the Stranger

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