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A Day in Luxembourg

The weather has been really good the past few days, so my husband and I decided to hit the road and explore the city of Luxembourg. We are just 30-minutes drive away from Luxembourg and we always make a short trip every week for gas (and chocolates!). We both like the long drive and the landscapes are always awesome. This time though, we decided to check out the city center where we’ve never been before. Before the trip, we already searched for places where we can go and it so happens that there’s a historical district in Luxembourg City in which we can explore.  

We checked out the Chemin de la Corniche, which is referred to as ‘Europe’s most beautiful balcony’. It offers a stunning view of the small town Grund and the valleys below.  




Just beside the “balcony” is the Casemates du Bock. I don’t know much about their history so I’ll just give a bit information that I found in Wikipedia:

The Bock (Luxembourgish: Bockfiels) is a promontory in the north-eastern corner of Luxembourg City’s old historical district. Offering a natural fortification, its rocky cliffs tower above the River Alzette which surrounds it on three sides. It was here that Count Siegfried built his Castle of Lucilinburhuc in 963, providing a basis for the development of the town which became Luxembourg. Over the centuries, the Bock and the surrounding defences were reinforced, attacked and rebuilt time and time again as the armies of the Burgundians, Habsburgs, Spaniards, Prussians and French vied for victory over one of Europe’s most strategic strongholds, the Fortress of Luxembourg. Warring did not stop until the Treaty of London was signed in 1867, calling for the demolition of the fortifications. Ruins of the old castle and the vast underground system of passages and galleries known as the casemates continue to be a major tourist attraction.

Casemates du Bock from afar.


Here are some few snaps from inside the casemate:




It is amazing inside and you’ll be able to explore the casemates from top to bottom. So prepare to walk a lot but mostly climb up and down the crazy amount of stairs. Comfy shoes are recommended.

Casemates du Bock is open everyday from February to November from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm during spring and summer. Schedule may change depending on the season so you have to check out here for the changes. They also offer a guided tour in select months (April-September).

Entrance Fee: 6 EUR for adults; 5 EUR for students and adults in group; 3 EUR for kids Guided Tour: 12 EUR for adults; 10 EUR for students and seniors; 6 EUR for kids   Address: 10 Montée de Clausen, 1343 Luxembourg

The tourism office also offers a tour around the historical district via tourist train “Pétrusse Express”. They are situated near the Bock entrance so they are not hard to find. We didn’t try it since we opted to walk instead but it is sure a nice option to explore the district. 

Since we drive down and not familiar with the area, parking is a bit tricky. We managed to find one on the other side of the Bock, maximum of three hours parking. Just the right amount of time to explore the area. We got lucky with the parking and was able to look around the Grund town before crossing the bridge that is connected to the Bock. There are not much tourists on that side but the view is also great. 

We also visited a church, walked around the city center and managed to find a bookstore and an Asian shop. I can’t pass that opportunity not to checked it out, right? So, yeah, I bagged some goods from both stores. A really fun day for sure.



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