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All the Lies We Tell (Quarry Road #1) by Megan Hart


Release Date: May 01, 2017

Everyone knew Alicia Harrison’s marriage to Ilya Stern wouldn’t last. They’d grown up on a remote stretch of Quarry Street, where there were two houses, two sets of siblings, and eventually, a tangled mess of betrayal, longing, and loss. Tragedy catapulted Allie and Ilya together, but divorce—even as neighbors—has been relatively uncomplicated.

Then Ilya’s brother, Nikolai, comes home for their grandmother’s last days. He’s the guy who teased and fought with Allie, infuriated her, then fled town without a goodbye. Now Niko makes her feel something else entirely—a rush of connection and pure desire that she’s been trying to quench since one secret kiss years ago. Niko’s not sticking around. She’s not going to leave. And after all that’s happened between their families, this can’t be anything more than brief pleasure and a bad idea.

But the lies we tell ourselves can’t compete with the truths our hearts refuse to let go…


*Thank you to the publisher, Montlake Romance, and NetGalley, for the copy in exchange for an honest review.

I haven’t read a Megan Hart book in a long time and honestly, I feel like this one will be full of drama basing on the synopsis. Maybe because the last book of hers that I read, Deeper, made me weep so bad. This one though tackles family drama, is so much different from other Megan Hart books that I read. Most of them, erotic romance. Think of 50 Shades of Grey, only way better. Her writing skills are superb and her plots are intriguing, some controversial. I may not enjoy reading such genre but there are some, where I don’t mind and with Miss Hart, I’ll gladly devour it.  

All the Lies We Tell is about Alicia Harrison, and Stern brothers Ilya and Nikolai. They grew up together where their houses are just across each other. More than friends, they are family. When Allie’s sister, Jennilynn died years ago, it left her family shattered and also Ilya. He is evidently in love with Jenni and her sudden death crushed him. Allie, who’s always been in the shadow of her beautiful sister, though devastated, thought this time, people will begin to notice her. It didn’t happen. She is still and always will be in Jenni’s shadow. But the one person who she thinks she can turn to left without even saying goodbye. Hurt and lost, she finds comfort in knowing that Ilya shares the same feelings as she has. They decided to put up a business in Jenni’s memory, though no one admits it, and later on got married. The marriage didn’t last, though, as everyone expected. Yet, they remained really good friends, business partner and good neighbors to each other. Now, Niko, Allie’s archnemesis, is back for their grandmother’s last days. And with him, all the feelings that he awakened within her years ago comes back and then some. As much as she wants to be with him, she knows that Niko doesn’t have a plan of staying around. And the fact that she’s his brother’s ex-wife make things more complicated for both of them.

Like I’ve said, this new Megan Hart offering is a bit more different from what I’m used to but it is as engaging. Though, things are not what I expected them to be. The plot is interesting and the writing is good as what you expect from Miss Hart but I feel like there is something missing. There was something in the story about Jenni’s death that was built mysteriously yet wasn’t met by the end and it left me disappointed yet wanting to know more. Or I’m assuming it will unfold in the next book. Even Allie and Ilya’s marriage was not touched as I hope it will. I need to know more why they decided to end it, aside from the fact that Ilya can be a total jerk. The things started slow, too, and most parts can be dragging. Switching from the past to present can be a bit confusing at times especially since the past are in random and not on order of events but it presents more facts that help get to know the characters better.

All the Lies We Tell is told from a point of view of four characters: Alicia, Nikolai, Ilya and Theresa, the Stern brother’s ex-stepsister so readers get to see a different perspective, though they can be really frustrating. They all have their own faults which make them hard to like but also makes the story more realistic. I just feel so drowned in their sorrows and drama and it is too much for me to handle. How can those four characters be so unhappy is beyond me. I need to read something light and funny after this.

This may not be my favorite Megan Hart book, but All the Lies We Tell is a reminder why I keep picking up her novels. It is a story of romance but much more about loss and getting through it, about secrets and lies, and about family and the drama that goes with them. Will I be reading the next book? Absolutely! I would want to know if there’s any chance my guesses are right (for my peace of mind, at least). If you’re a Megan Hart fan, you should definitely read this.

RATING: 3.5/5



(*Photos and synopsis courtesy of Goodreads)

Purchase it on All the Lies We Tell

Purchase it on All the Lies We Tell

Purchase it on All the Lies We Tell

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