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The Final Exam (School of Fear #3) by Gitty Daneshvari

10818982Check out the laugh-inducing, phobia-reducing final book in the School of Fear trilogy!

Is school out forever at the School of Fear? A nosy reporter is planning a scandalous expose on eccentric Mrs. Wellington and her unorthodox teaching methods, and the news is sure to put an end to the school. Madeleine, Theo, Lulu, Garrison, and the new student Hyacinth must convince Sylvie that their teacher and the school are perfectly normal. But how can they accomplish this when Mrs. Wellington is just so… odd?

With the fate of their beloved school in their hands, the children now share a new fear–failure.


Finally, the third and last book of the School of Fear series. I’d say this is my favorite of the three books. Madeleine (have fear of bugs and spider), Theo (scared of dying), Lulu (claustrophobic), Garrison (fears deep waters) and Hyacinth (terrified of being alone) are back for the conclusion of the story. The Final Exam picks up where the second book left off. Where the five students found out that Abernathy is actually the stepson of Mrs. Wellington. Abernathy, who’s the only student the weird headmistress didn’t manage to cure of his fear. Her one big failure. What is his fear, do you ask? Well, here’s the thing, Abernathy is crazy scared of stepmothers. Apparently, his dad fell in love with Mrs. Wellington and she feels the same way. But knowing Abernathy’s phobia, they tried to suppress their feelings. But then, the attraction was just too much for them that when Abernathy is getting better, they got married. Abernathy was beyond himself. The phobia comes back in full force. And when his father suddenly died, he ran away from home and lived in the forest since then. Years and years had passed but his hatred towards Mrs. Wellington didn’t subside. And now, the students have to help Abernathy and Mrs. Wellington reconcile or else the School of Fear will be shut down. A reporter, Sylvie Montgomery, who is very keen to win an award, is trying to expose their beloved school. And it all goes down to Abernathy because he is the living proof that Mrs. Wellington’s illegal methods are harmful and don’t help at all. And so, the five students have to make sure that Abernathy and Mrs. Wellington makes up before the scheduled release of Sylvie’s report. They will do everything no matter what or face the consequence of failing their headmistress and living the rest of their lives in fears. But it looks like it will not be easy. The Wellington’s seem to hate each other so much.  

The Final Exam is the most entertaining in the trilogy series, in my opinion. I’m glad that this one actually surpassed my expectation. It is as quirky and fun read as the other two books, of course. I’d say it ends in a really good way. A perfect one for this series.

What I like about this one are the added characters. It is so much fun reading about the Contrary Conservatory. Basmati and his students are hilarious. I’m also glad that I finally able to know more about Mrs. Wellington. That there is more to her than the eccentric façade. It is what I have been looking for in the other two books. Of course, Madeleine will always be my favorite, together with Mrs. Wellington. Schmidty will be in second place. I admire his loyalty to his madam. Aside from that, he is quite funny, too. The five students were finally able to face their fears and try to save their school at the same time.

I also like that this book has a lot more conflicts than the first two. From the snooping tabloid reporter who threatened to expose the secret of their school, having Abernathy make peace with Mrs. Wellington, asking Basmati’s help and looking for the missing bird. It is sure a big riot.

The Contrary Conservatory looks interesting and I won’t mind reading a separate series revolving around the curious school. The dispute between Abernathy and Mrs. Wellington is brilliant. It is predictable and some might say childish but c’mon, it is not what you’ll consider a serious book in the first place. It’s been weird since the beginning, it’s just right to keep it that way until the end. I’d say for a middle-grade book it is quite well-written. Love the wit and humor. And yes, there are lessons you can learn on this one, too. A perfect read for kids and kids at heart. And sure, for adults, too.

I’m a bit sad that the series is over. I will definitely miss reading about the School of Fear.

RATING: 4.5/5



(*Photos and synopsis courtesy of Goodreads)

Purchase it on School of Fear 3: The Final Exam

Purchase it on School of Fear 3: The Final Exam

Purchase it on School of Fear 3: The Final Exam

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