book review

Miss Feesenschneezen Is Ill by David Parmelee


Publication Date: April 20, 2017

When the beloved teacher of a “tough class” is out sick for a week, everyone must endure a succession of colorful substitutes. Each brings a lesson; all bring smiles.


*eARC courtesy of NetGalley

Miss Feesenschneezen is Ill is a middle-grade book that tells a story about a tough middle-grade class handled by the teacher Miss Feesenschneezen or Miss F as I call her. The class, which is not an easy class to control, admired their teacher that when she wasn’t able to go to work because she is ill, they got worried. Miss F is sick with cold with a touch of bronchitis and decided to go to the doctor. She was then recommended to see a series of specialists and undergo series of tests even though they think it is not a serious illness. Meanwhile, the principal of the school is having trouble finding temporary replacements for Miss F because there are no available teachers at the Substitute Teachers Pool. He then calls people he knows for help and makes do with the teachers that were sent to him. What follows then is that the class have to face different “interesting” substitute teachers each day that Miss F is not around. Odd teachers with different areas of “expertise”. And so the class learned different stuff, too, every day. But, even with the series of interesting teachers, they don’t forget their beloved Miss F.

So, this one took me a while to get on with the story because of the series of characters being introduced. I got a little confused with the transition of narrations from the first person of one of Miss F’s student, to the third person for Miss F and Principal Armstrong. But I immediately got used to the style of writing and after the initial introduction, it picks up and finally, things got interesting. It is a quick and delightful read.

I’ve been surrounded by teachers my whole life. From school and university, the teachers I’ve had. And also, I have three aunts who’re all teachers. Add to that a few more cousins who’s had the same profession. From what I know, being a teacher is one of those thankless jobs. Sometimes, parents and students alike hate them. So, it is really heartwarming to read something where students respect and admire their teacher. And it is also nice how the teacher managed to make the difficult class warm to her. It is rare but not impossible.

I love the illustrations, too. From the teachers to the report copy and notes, I think they’re really a cool touch. Also, I enjoyed reading about the substitute teachers. They may seem odd but they all have different knowledge to offer to the class. I was actually hoping for more. Of course, the illness of Miss F will make you wonder. What could be possibly wrong with her to need so much test? Overall, it is a fun read. It still makes me smile just thinking about it. Will definitely recommend it to kids and adults who like a light read, feel good vibe book.  




(*Photos courtesy of Goodreads)

(*Synopsis courtesy of NetGalley)



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