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Jigsaw Puzzle: Buttercup Meadow (Kori Kumi)



It’s puzzle time! Ravensburger is one of my go-to brand for jigsaws. The quality of their puzzles are really good. Ravensburger is a German toy and game company and is the leading jigsaw puzzle in the European market. Their jigsaw puzzles are of good premium quality. They utilize a softclick technology that makes the puzzle pieces fit perfectly. They also use handmade cutting tools to ensure that no two pieces are alike. The pieces were made from a special recycled board that didn’t break easily.The grained paper they use ensures of a glare free picture, too. Buttercup Meadow: Kori Kumi is my second Ravensburger puzzle to make, next to the Eiffel Tower 3D puzzle. It is a picture of a girl with flocks of sheep. Kori Kumi is part of a collection of the lifestyle fashion accessory company Santoro London. They really make cute stuff there. The Buttercup Meadow contains 500 puzzle pieces and a finished size of 49 x 36 cm (approximately 19 ⅓ x  14 ¼  inches).

Completed Buttercup Meadow (with the missing piece)

When completing a jigsaw, I always start with the edge to have a frame to the puzzle. Also, they are the pieces that are easiest to look for in the lot. Next, I look for a unique image or color, and for this one, it’s the girl. After that, it’s a hit and miss with all that white and green. I am not a puzzle pro, I just love doing puzzles. And in my experience, the Buttercup Meadow is actually a bit difficult puzzle to complete. The sheep sure made this challenging. But that also made it fun. I don’t remember how long it took me to finish it, but it sure took me a long while. Because I only sit down with it for a maximum of 1 hour a day and sometimes I even abandon it for days. Still, I had fun doing it and sometimes, my husband would help me with few pieces. The finished product is lovely, of course. But, one piece was missing. There’s a guarantee but we were not gotten around contacting Ravensburger about the issue. Nevertheless, it is still a great jigsaw to complete.      

RATING: 4/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Purchase it on Amazon.co.uk: Ravensburger Puzzle – Buttercup Meadow/Kori Kumi – 500 Pieces

Purchase it on Amazon.fr: Ravensburger – Puzzle – Buttercup Meadow/kori Kumi – 500 Pièces

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