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Unfed (Undead #2) by Kirsty McKay


Title: Unfed (Undead #2)

Author: Kirsty McKay

Published by: Chicken House

The good news: Bobby survived her Undead school trip. Bad news: her best mate, Smitty, is missing. Bobby knows she’s got to find him even if it means risking it all and going out into the starving-zombie-infested wastelands again. Even if it means taking fellow survivors including a couple of old frenemies along for the ride. And even if the zombies are not the only ones who are chasing them this time.

My thoughts:

So, Unfed is the sequel to the fun and snarky zombie-themed Undead. I’m so excited for this one because I really love the first book. I can’t wait to find out what happened to the completely weird group of teenagers that’s trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. And boy, I’m not disappointed. Everything I loved about Undead is back in Unfed. But now, it is more action-packed than the last time.

The story picked up weeks after the group managed to reunite with Bobby’s mom, who happened to be working for Xanthro, the pharmaceutical company that is responsible for the apocalypse. She and her team are also the ones who invent the zombie virus and its antidote. Bobby woke up from a hospital and found out that she’s been in a coma for weeks. She was informed that the school bus that somehow rescued them from the hordes of zombies, met a terrible accident, and only four people survived, including Bobby. Sadly, not her mom. She was told she was found unconscious and was immediately rushed to the hospital, a military hospital for that matter. So, no need to worry about the zombies, they are completely safe. Not. The hospital is under zombie attack! Must get out. On trying to escape, she was reunited with the squad, queen bee Alice and geeky Pete. Plus there’s a hottie newcomer, Russ, and yay! he’s good in fighting. Turns out they are the four bus survivors. No mom, no Smitty! But, wait, someone took the time to leave a clue for Bobby and she’s pretty sure it is her mom. And if she’s right in decoding the clue, Smitty might still be alive and they must find him. And there, they start their adventure on finding Smitty in the quarantined Scotland. But it is not an easy feat when you have hordes of zombies at your wake. And not only that, Xanthro is after them, too, and this time they sent their well-trained gun-carrying goons to catch them. It is only a matter of time before their luck runs out. But Bobby is sure as hell she’ll put up a pretty good fight before anyone gets to her and her friends.

As I’ve said, the things I’ve loved from Undead are very much present in this second installment. Unfed is very much as fast-paced and action-packed (and don’t forget about the gore!) as the first one. Actually, there are more action on this one as they keep on jumping from one crazy scenario to another. With zombies and goons at their tail, it’s not surprising. The story won’t be complete without its humor, and McKay delivers pretty well on that department. I love the snarky and witty dialogues between the characters which make me chuckle every so often. The character development of the squad is pretty much obvious considering all the trouble they went through to stay alive. Bobby is smarter and a lot more badass, which is great, but makes me question how can she do all the stuff she did considering how young she is. I don’t mean to downplay her, just honest-to-goodness wondering. Alice, on the other hand, lay low on being a bitch as she finally warmed towards Bobby, as I warmed towards her. Pete is still the geek that he is and still likable as the last time. The new guy, Russ, is a great addition since he helped the group a great deal. My only complaint is that there’s not a lot of Smitty which is such a bummer. But I guess the action makes up for his absence. I may be paying so much attention to the story because I noticed a minor inconsistency to one scene. It may not be a big deal but it is a crucial information in the story and I’m a bit peeved that it slipped McKay’s attention.

Unfed is a fun read just like Undead is. Just so disappointing knowing there wouldn’t be a third book. I was so hoping to read more about the squad. If you enjoy Undead, you will surely like the second installment, too.

RATING: 4/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


(*Photos and synopsis courtesy of Goodreads)

Purchase it on  Unfed by Kirsty McKay

Purchase it on Unfed by Kirsty McKay

Purchase it on Unfed by Kirsty McKay

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