Random Musing: Mind-blowing Dizziness

It seems like I have a new way of welcoming each month of 2017. By getting royally sick! Back in January, I nursed a really terrible flu from the Philippines all the way to France, which lasted for almost 3 weeks. It is an awful experience. And this February I was welcomed by a horrible vertigo-like dizziness. It is nothing like I’ve experienced before and it’s really terrifying. One moment I was okay and the next moment I’m down, clutching my head, feeling the world spinning in a nasty speed around me. Even if I’m lying down in bed, I can still feel everything moved! Sometimes, it feels like my head is spinning too. Just a small movement can trigger the dizziness so I really have to move really slow. It is scary. I feel like I’m falling in an endless pit and there’s nothing I can hold on to, to stop from falling. I was in bed for days, I just get up to eat and go to the toilet. Even eating is a struggle. There were times I eat in bed, lying down because it’s the only way I feel okay. And those few food I managed to swallow, I tried so hard to keep them down, else I’ll throw it all up. And throw up I did. It’s hard not to when it feels like everything around you is swaying to a music you alone can’t hear.

I don’t like going to the doctor. I very much despise the idea since I have unpleasant experiences before. I wouldn’t consider going unless I feel really really sick. The last time I went to see a doctor was 3 years ago when I had urinary tract infection. Much as I don’t like to go if you are peeing blood already, and peeing makes you tear up in pain, it is advisable to run to the doctor. That I never regret. Anyway, this time, though, it is me who have to ask my husband to please take me to the doctor. The dizziness is just so BAD there were times I cried from pain and helplessness. Upon checking my blood pressure, the doctor said it’s normal. Now, I’m really worried about what might cause this life-stopping dizziness. He just prescribed me some medicine and I’m really hoping it will do its magic. 4 days after, I’m still taking the medicine and I feel a bit better. But still not 100%. I still spend all my time lying in bed, sleeping and hoping that when I wake up I’m better. I’m just lucky to have my husband beside me to fuss on my movements. It makes this ordeal bearable.

And so, I hope you guys are okay and well. Have a good day, everyone!

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